Step 2: Naming Your Blog

So you’ve chosen a niche which means you know WHAT you want to blog about. Now you need to decide on a domain for your blog.

Really put some thought into it. I’m going to give you some guidelines to follow, but the goal is not to meet every criteria (that would be impossible). Instead, the point is to give you some things to consider in the process.

Guidelines for Selecting a Domain (also known as your Blog Name)

  • Short and sweet. The shorter the better.
  • Easy to say and spell. The goal is for your domain name to be passed along easily by you and by others. This is more likely to happen if people don’t have to stop and think about how to say or spell it.
  • Use keywords. Your domain is one of the best places to use a keyword or two. And the more compact and closer to the beginning of your domain, the better. For example, if “RV Travel” is your keyword, is better than
  • Leave room to grow. You never know how your business might expand, so avoid names that box you in. For example, is great for now, but what about when your children grow up?

Check to See if your Desired Domain is Available

Once you’ve decided what you want to name your blog, click here to see if it is available, but DON’T buy it yet. In the next lesson, I’ll explain how to bundle your domain and hosting together.

Check it on Social Media Too

When you find a domain you think you’re happy with, check social media sites to make sure it’s available on those sites too.

Nothing is more frustrating than purchasing a domain and finding out that someone else is using it on social media.

You really want to use the same name on your blog and on Twitter, Facebook, etc., to solidify your brand and makes it more memorable.

A simple tool to check your name across all networks at once is knowem.