Step 4: Installing A Theme

It’s time to design your website.

Now that you have a website, you need a theme. This is nothing more than a layout for your blog. It gives the basic “look” of your website and you customize it. 

Even if you already picked a theme during the website set-up process, you can still easily change it now. 

There are free themes and premium themes that cost money. At this point in your blogging journey, I would recommend choosing a free theme using the following process:

Search for a Theme

If you select a free theme from you can be sure it has met certain standards.

  • Check to make sure the theme has been created recently and/or recently updated. View the “Last Updated” date in the top right corner of the theme’s listing. Click on the “Development Log” links (at the bottom of the right sidebar) to see when other versions were released.
  • Pick a theme that has good support. Make sure the theme developer responds to support requests in a timely manner. On click on “View Support Forum” to look through recent support requests.
  • Pick a popular theme. Look for the number of downloads. This will give you an idea of how many people use (and test) the theme. The more people use it, the more likely they are to have worked out any problems.
  • Look for highly-rated themes. On the theme’s page on, look at the “Ratings” on the right side. Consider the number of stars, as well as the number of people that gave those ratings.

Here’s an example that meets this criteria:

If you want to use this theme, make a note of the name (Twenty Seventeen) and go back to your website’s dashboard. Find Appearance, and under that choose Themes. If you don’t see your choice, click the blue box with the + to add new themes. Then click Customize.

Need more help?

Don’t forget, if you’re overwhelmed with the technical side of blogging, check out my course: Blogging Tech Made Easy where I’ll walk you through the steps to creating a blog in 20 video lessons. In each of the videos I share my screen so you can see exactly what you need to do.