Step 6: Planning Your Content

Yes, the subject says “planning,” not writing. Before you start writing your posts, you should consider your organization, audience, and schedule.


Remember that I said all your blog posts should be in line with your niche? Now is the time to organize them by sketching out a simple hierarchy that consists of 2-4 categories. For example, if you had a Personal Finance blog, your categories may be saving money, making money, and investing money. Now brainstorm 2-3 blog post topics that fall under each category.


Decide how often you want to create blog posts and try to stick to that schedule. This will help grow your blog, and help you readers know when to look for new content from you. Consider adding social media actions on this schedule as well so you don’t forget to promote your blog.


Before you start to draft your blog posts, consider your ideal audience. Focus on one person—a fictional audience member we’ll call your avatar. Who is he/she? What information do they need from you? This will help with your writing style. For example, will you make it conversational or humorous? Is your avatar someone short on time and needs you to get to the point quickly?

Download the content calendar below to plan your content and marketing efforts.

Need More Help?

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