Step 7: Creating Content

Now you are ready to start writing blog posts!

Follow these tips to create content that provides value to your readers:

  • Create an outline. Brainstorm ideas for your blog post and then draft an outline by placing the ideas in a logical order.
  • Conduct research. Even if you are an expert on the subject it doesn’t hurt to conduct a little research. You may even come up with additional follow on blog post ideas as you start seeking out more information.
  • Start with a draft. Just the idea that your writing a draft, can help eliminate writer’s block. It can be revised, so don’t worry if it is not perfect. Just free flow and write what comes to mind. Then fill in the facts from your research. Like most skills, writing becomes easier and more natural the more you do it. Also, a lot of people struggle with writing introductions. A great strategy is to write the introduction last.
  • Use images. Great images can enhance your post, improve its flow, add humor, and explain complex topics. If you don’t have any images that will go with your topic, use some free stock photos from sites like Pixabay or Unsplash.
  • Edit your blog post. Make sure to avoid repetition, read your post aloud to check its flow, have someone else read it and provide feedback, keep sentences and paragraphs short, don’t be a perfectionist, don’t be afraid to cut out text or adapt your writing last minute.
  • Craft a headline that is both informative and will capture readers’ attentions.

Need More Help?

If you’re overwhelmed with the technical side of blogging, check out my course: Blogging Tech Made Easy where I’ll walk you through the steps to creating a blog in 20 video lessons. During each lesson, I’ll share my screen so you can SEE what you need to do.